Brand New installations
During a brand-new installation, your current user account will be automatically added to, and granted, administrative rights to the application. At this point, you will be the only user that can access pm box and add other users. To do this, you must have a valid pm box subscription allocated to your current user account.
Allocating subscriptions
pm box subscriptions can be allocated via the SharePoint admin centre. You can access it from your Office 365 Admin portal (https://{YourOffice365TenantName}
Starting pm box
Upon successful completion of this installation, provided you have a valid pm box subscription, you will be automatically redirected to the pm box administration centre. From there you can add other users including other administrators through the Security and access - Licensed users screen.
Alternatively, if you do NOT have a valid pm box subscription assigned to your user account, you will be denied access and prompted to obtain one before you can start using the application (refer to the "Allocating subscriptions" paragraph above). This will not affect the installation process.
Anything else I should know before installing pm box?
Here are a few recommendations you (or your admin) may find useful:
  • SharePoint® security is still under your full control. Based on your internal governance policies you may decide to manually manage access rights to site content and override pm box default settings.
  • By default, pm box maintains rigid and unique site access policies so, unless you explicitly want to, we recommend removing the "Everyone..." groups from having access to the site collection by default.