Points 3 and 4 below may have security implications and describing the potential impact is beyond the scope of this article. It needs to be assessed, approved and applied by your system administrator.

DECODE IT bears no responsibility and makes no recommendations on the suitability of this decision for your individual needs. If you are not sure, please do not proceed.

At the time of writing this article, we recommend installing pm box on a "classic" site collection, i.e. through the conventional SharePoint administration centre using the conventional site collection creation process.

However, if you decide to create a modern site collection, you will need to do the following before installing pm box:

  1. When creating the modern site, ensure that the person in charge of installing pm box (probably your Global or SharePoint administrator) is in the list of Group Owners

  2. Choose the "Private" option in the privacy settings
  3. In the SharePoint Administration centre, go to "Settings" and set "Custom Script" options to "Allow users to run custom script...." for both Personal and Self-service sites.
  4. and/or; Explicitly set the site collection that hosts pm box to allow these options by running the following PowerShell command: 
PS> Set-SPOSite -Identity https://YourTenantNameHere.sharepoint.com/sites/YourPmBoxSiteCollection -DenyAddAndCustomizePages 0